The many choices available for toilets and bidets allow for home owners to choose the perfect fixture to match their new bathroom renovation. They can be customized to accommodate any bathroom design, and the technological options available today make seemingly outdated bidets an attractive alternative when selecting your new bathroom amenities.

Toilets are typically made of materials which have outstanding surface strength and are resistant to corrosion and heavy cleaning agents. The most commonly used material for toilets is melamine faced chip boards, but slate, marble, and granite are also used when seeking a more custom look. Glass and reflective materials such as chrome and steel are also options for the homeowner who seeks to compliment a bathroom which has been designed with a modern feel.

The height and length of toilets can vary widely. These days, toilets that are about an inch taller than average are becoming more popular because of their added comfort and ease of use. It’s for this reason that these types of toilets are often referred to as “comfort toilets.” Vanity bowls also come in round and elongated shapes. These are especially popular for home owners working with large spaces, and they are far more comfortable than most toilets found in the average home.

In the past, bidets were all the rave as they were said to be cleaner and more sophisticated than other forms of cleaning. But over the past 50 years their popularity has diminished. It’s not until recently that bidets have made a comeback, and more and more home owners are choosing bidets as a clean and sanitary alternative.

Bidets can be built right into the toilet or they can be a separate fixture. Only recently have bidets been included with the toilet, and for those who choose to go back to the original bidet style, they will be rewarded with features and capabilities that past bidets could never match. The most luxurious bidets are “electric bidets” which use modern technology to propel their water jets. Non-electric bidets on the other hand use the gravity of water from the toilet tank and are consequently much cheaper than their electric counterparts.

For those who choose to build a bidet into their toilet the proper research is required before purchase. The shape and style of your toilet is an important aspect in deciding which bidet is best for you, as certain bidets will only fit certain types of toilets. There are what’s called one piece and two piece toilets. One piece toilets are comprised of both the seat and the tank, while the two piece toilets have them built in separately. The type of bidet that can be retro-fitted onto your toilet will depend on what type of toilet you have so be sure to do your research.