Brighten And Modernize Your Kitchen Decor On A Budget isn’t as hard as one would think. If it’s the middle of winter and you’re looking at your kitchen, wondering how to fix it up with very little cash, there are bunch of small projects you can do, that won’t cost you a bundle and you won’t need to hire a Kitchen Remodeling company in Boise.  There are painting, wallpapering, varnishing, and window treatments that will brighten up and clean up even the most drab kitchen decor.

Start By Taking An Assessment, Pick The Ugliest Part

As you look around your kitchen, what hits you as being the most drab? Do your window coverings look modern and bright? Are the cabinets permanently stained or darkened from years of neglect? Could some country kitchen style wall paper make a difference?

There is bound to be at least one or two things that leap out at you.

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If Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Old And Weary Repaint Or Revarnish

Kitchens are full of greasy aromas that can tend to build up on the walls and cabinets. This grease can soak in and darken the clear coatings on wood cabinets or stain painted ones. It’s a real easy task to buy some high quality paint or varnish and some sandpaper to refinish all of them.

If they are coated with polyurethane or paint, you’ll first want to clean them real well with a strong detergent to cut through any built up grease. If it makes it easier, with a screw driver you can take all of the cabinet doors off in just a short time. Then move them to your basement or heated garage so you can lay them flat while painting.

Once they’re clean, take some light sandpaper and sand them to make the surface rougher and easier for paint or clear coat to stick. Then wipe then down to get rid of the dust and you’re ready to start. Use high quality paint brushes for the best finish, plus they hold more paint and the work goes faster.

Remember, when using polyurethane varnish you’ll never want to brush over your work after you’ve laid it down, this reduces the brush marks that end up in the final coat. When using paint, use high quality paint that has a tough, smooth finish for ease of cleaning and years of hard use.

When You’re Done Painting And Varnishing

You’ll want to replace all of the knobs and hinges that show with bright beautiful brass ones that can be bought at the local hardware store, you’ll be amazed at the difference. If brass isn’t your style there are hundreds to choose from, take your pick. Also, before you put the cabinet doors back on, take the time to put new shelf paper inside, it will also lighten things up and make cleaning a snap.

If Your Windows Are Looking Dated Replace The Coverings

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to change the look of your kitchen is to put in new blinds, either mini-blinds, micro-blinds or other modern window coverings. Older blinds tend to discolor with age and the dust will get stuck on hard as well. Even changing the colors and keeping the same style will look better to you than before.

Most blinds only take a few minutes to assemble and fit, then a few more to put into place with a screwdriver. While the blinds are removed, take a little extra time to thoroughly clean the windows and window frames, as there are parts that are hard to access after the blinds are installed.

Adding Some Simple Curtains Around Your New Blinds Add Richness

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to put in a small curtain rod and add some small decorative framing curtains. These aren’t meant to close, they’re just for color and decoration to add a little more style and warmth to your kitchen.

Most drapery stores will know just what you’re asking for if you tell them you already have blinds covering the windows. They’ll either have lots of material to choose from, or will be able to custom make any one of hundreds of different types and styles that they have samples of. But, if you plan on adding wallpaper, make sure you get a good match with the curtains.

By now your kitchen will be looking almost entirely new, even though you’ve only spent a small amount of time and money. Changing the cabinets, blinds, curtains and knobs will add years of new life to your once drab, old kitchen decor.